There will be two poster sections, sections P1-P5 on Friday and sections P6-P11 on Saturday, but all posters will be available throughout the conference on the electronic panels. 
During the Poster sections the authors should summarize their main results in max. 3 minutes followed by max. 1-2 minutes of discussion. Because more than 150 posters will be presented, we ask all colleagues to keep the time limits.

Posters of the 12th CESPT should be presented during the Poster sections. An electronic poster presentation system will be used. The posters will be uploaded and presented on electronic poster boards. The poster authors thus do not need print their poster but should send it, preferably as a PDF file, to the Conference Office ( until 1 September 2018.

E-posters can be prepared by any presentation editing (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote) or graphical (e.g. CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop) application that can save or export to PDF file.
Please use the following settings for the best performance:

  1. Poster size: Width: 72 cm (28.35″); Height: 128 cm (50.5″)
  2. For better readability san-serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Lucida, Verdana) with a minimum of 24 point size should be used. Figures, tables and graphs should be as large as possible.
    There is an option of incorporating short videos in your poster. For this purpose use MS PowerPoint, embed your video, set the video to start immediately and repeat infinitely.   
  3. For best compatibility save or export your poster as a PDF file (Use save or export option instead of print to PDF to avoid presenting white printer margins in the PDF file). PPT files are also accepted but might not presents identically on the e-poster screen due to compatibility issues. Inserting figures, graphs and tables as images rather than in their native file format is suggested in this case. Use the following file name system: cespt-’surename (family name) of the presenting author’-’firstname of the presenting author’-’numbering as 1, 2, 3…if you present more posters’ e.g. cespt-smith-john-1. In case of presenting videos in your poster name the video files similarly as your poster and add –video-’numbering’ e.g. cespt-smith-john-1-video-1. In this case provide the original PPT file and the video files instead of PDF file.   
  4. Poster files should be sent by e-mail to the Conference Office (
    until 1 September 2018.